Sadly, our storefront is permanently closed due to COVID-19 but we will still be selling at farmer's markets and pop-ups around Cleveland. Please check our social accounts for more details and thank you for your support!


Delicious, fresh, and handmade! The 3 Aprons is an artisan bakery providing sweet baked good options to please any palate.


For orders or partnerships, please contact us at (216) 810-6111 or




The 3 Aprons bakery and café was established in 2018 by Oliver and Kristy Ray.


Kristy is the head baker and has been a baker for 10 years. She also worked in bakeries in Cleveland, Ohio and in Brooklyn, New York. She has a degree in pastry arts at ICASI and a bachelor's degree in visual arts at NHIA.

Oliver is the front of the house guy. He always has a smile on his face and goes above and beyond for his customers. He has a bachelor's degree in art and is a glassblower by trade. You can see his artwork in the shop.


Oliver and Kristy live in Old Brooklyn and have a son named Calvin.

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