I Only Have Pies for You

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

It's pie season, y'all! Call 216-810-6111 to order your holiday pies now (check out the menu for our delicious pie selection and prices).

Pie crusts are one of the most delicious AND difficult things to master in a bakery. Here's a couple tips and tricks I use every day:

1. Everything MUST be ice cold. I know you hear it all the time, but it's really true. Freeze the flour, freeze the butter, freeze the pie pan, freeze your fingers! I naturally have ice-cold hands, so that works in my favor :)

2. If you're not super patient (like me) and you have the honor of owning a food processor, let the processor do the work for you. Breaking down butter with your hands is hard work, and it allows too much time for the butter to get soft. I appreciate the sentiment of old-school bakers, but when you have the tools...use them!

3. Use as little water as possible. Add juuuuuuuust enough until the pastry can hold its own shape.

4. After you roll out the dough, chill it AGAIN before popping in the oven. Twenty to thirty minutes should do the trick.

5. Par-bake when you need to, and always let the pie cook to a warm brown (a bit darker than golden). And then enjoy with family and friends! 🥧🥧🥧

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