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The 3 Aprons Introduction

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Kristy Ray and I'm the new(ish) head baker at The 3 Aprons Bakery in Cleveland. I opened the bakery with my husband, Ollie, and we've been going strong for 6 months. 🎉Hurray! 🎉

Running a bakery is hard, y'all—the long hours, the early wakeup calls, the flour under your fingernails, the constant aroma of sugar and butter. 🍰OK, that last one is pretty great and also what gets me out of bed in the morning. I hope you've been enjoying tasting these new treats as much as I've had making them! Also, we have the most delicious coffee now, so my mornings are a bit more manageable.

Ollie staring at the coffee
Ollie staring at the coffee :drool:

So, please check back here for updates and promotions and new recipes and general Kristy musings!

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